Learning Goals for Masters Program in Instructional Technology

Reasons for Starting the Program:
I wanted to give myself a challenge! This year, I took on a student teacher. That in itself is a challenge for any teacher. However, I knew that I needed something to keep me busy since I'm giving the control of my classroom over to an inspiring young educator. The thought of losing that control, gave me the idea to come up with some kind of personal challenge in my own education. Now, I'm currently enrolled in the Masters Program of Instructional Technology at Regis University. Being that this has become the "digital era" and there are more and more technology tools to use in education, I thought this would be a perfect program for me.

Desired personal program outcomesI plan to learn a variety of new technology tools (such as blogging), that I can incorporate into my own teaching style. This program also will give me the tools to bring the Science Department at the middle school I teach into this "digital era," and 21 Century Teaching style that our students seemed to learn better in than the old standard teaching ways. I also think ths program will give the ability to stay "fresh" with current and relevant teaching styles as well as science subjects.