Sunday, October 30, 2011

Ideal Job Description 2

Based on my research this week on Instructional Technology, this would be an second ideal job description.

Job Title: District Science Curriculum and Differentiation Coach
Primary Objective: To design and develop current and relevant science curriculum for K-12 science
Lists of Duties or Tasks Performed:
  • Stay up to date on Colorado State Standards
  • Create curriculum to be used in K-12 science
  • Support and training of technology resources for educators to enhance student learning.
  • Design District Professional Development training days for science educators.
  • Conduct staff training sessions on updated technology.
  • Attend conferences to remain up to date current and relevant curricula
  • Design, Develop, Utilize, Manage, and Evaluate science curriculum using instructional technology.
  • Evaluate teacher's usage of instructional technology within classroom.
  • Communicate ways to differentiate lessons for teachers/students that struggle or need to be challenged. 
  • Communicate to all school principal all evaluations.

Description of the Relationships and Roles:
  • Supervisor of all district school's science teachers
  • Communicate science curricula to science teachers
  • Discuss ways to differentiate with science teachers.
Typical qualifications and experience:

  • Bachelors of Science in one or more science fields
  • Secondary Teaching License in Science
  • At least 5-10 years teaching experience
  • Knowledge/Experience of Current Technology techniques and practices
  • Masters in Instructional Technology
  • Masters to Bachelors of Science (particularly in more than one science field)
  • At least15-20years teaching experience
  • Currently work with Current and Relevant Science and Technology techniques
Other Relevant Information:
This job requires you to have an abundant knowledge on ALL science subjects in order to create current curricula. Because of this, it will required an abundant amount of time spent on research and travel to stay current and communicate findings to all district schools.

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