Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Learning Theory: Behaviorism

This week, I took the opportunity to research the three types of learning theories: Behaviorism, Cognitivism, Constructivism.  Although I believe all three are equally important, I chose to examine Behaviorism. Since I became an educator, I have had the chance to evaluate cognitivism and constructivism through professional development and continuing education. So, I asked myself, does behaviorism really play as important of a role in learning as the other two theories. To answer this question, I took that time to really reseach behaviorism.
To summarize, behaviorism analyzes behavior and role it plays in the classroom environments. It is broken down into two concepts: Classical Conditioning and Operant Conditioning. As I discovered, both of these types of conditioning are vital to creating a classroom designed for learning. So, yes, Behaviorism is just as important as Cognitivism and Constructivism in education!

As a way to visualize, here is what I discovered:
Concept Web: Behaviorism

Jigsaw to Matrix

For further detail: Paper: Learning Theory: Behaviorism


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