Monday, February 27, 2012

Elements of Instructional Software

This week I took the opportunity to really evaluate the pros and cons to instructional software. There are many different types ranging from Drill and Practice to Tutorials. The key to integrating instructional software into curriculum is know when it is effective. There is an appropriate use for instructional software, but it should never replace the teacher. Instructional games may be a great way to motivate the learner instead of a worksheet, but the games should not replace all the teacher "teaching" the material. Simulations are a great tool when there is a lack of resources or funding, but it shouldn't replace every real-life experience.  The key is moderation and appropriate timing.

Throughout my research (provided in the link below), I've found that there are benefits and limitations to each type of element of instructional software. By analyzing my own teaching style, I was able to come to the conclusion that each is great tool to enhance my teaching style, but never replace me.

Elements of Instructional Software Matrix

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