Monday, December 12, 2011

Looking Back.Did Instructional Technology definition stay the same?

At the beginning of my EDTC600 course, I had decided that the definition of Instructional Technology was:
"Instructional Technology gives teachers the techniques to make learning relevant and current. Because of technology resources, it allows teachers to truly enhance the students' learning experience."

Now that I have finished the coursework, I still agree with my original definition. However, I now think there is much more to instructional technology than I thought. Throughout this course, I was able to learn about the Digital Divide, TPACK, 21st Century Skills and Standards, Learning Theories, Marzano's Essential Strategies, and Universal Design for Learning. All of these topics are intertwined into Instructional Technology. This makes the definition of Instructional Technology much more in depth and complex than I originally thought! Not only does it include technology resources such as UDL strategies like AIM Explorer or ColorContrast. It also takes into account learning behaviors such as Behaviorism, Cognitivism, and Constructivism. I was able to visualize the interconnections of Pedagogy Strands using  Marzano's Nine Essential Strategies to Univeral Design for Learning and Learning Theories. Throughout this course, I learned some great new ways to visualize my research with webspirationpro, and creating my very own blog!! Because of such technological resources such as, google docs, and iPad apps, I'm able to have my new found resources at my fingertips everywhere I go. So, looking back at my previous posts I can now say that my definition has expanded. I now believe that the true definition of Instructional Technology is:
"Instructional Technology allows educators to use learning theories, essential strategies, and standards to create a current and relevant learning experience for students. It incorporates multiple strategies and technological resources to enhance the learning for students and allow to meet all student's individual needs."

My journey into exploring instructional technology is just beginning, so my definition my expand even more in the future. As of right now, I look forward to enhancing my own educational experience through my future courses. Because of EDTC600, I plan to create a blog for my students and re-evaluate some of my previous lessons to incorporate more resources that I investigated through this course. So far, this has been a truly wonderful experience for me. I can't wait to see what my future classes will offer!! :)

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