Tuesday, December 13, 2011

What is my Digital Footprint?

By definition, a digital footprint is a person's interactions with the digital world. I used to think that I was pretty connected with the digital world; however, over the last eight weeks, my digital footprint has definitely expanded! I used to use computers to check my email, write on my facebook wall, and create worksheets for my students. I was proud at how quickly I could text on my cell phone and watch my favorite TV shows with a DVR. Now, I've been open to a whole new world that includes blogging, designing online visual aids, sharing information through my delicious stacks and google docs, utilizing & mirroring iPad apps during lectures and much more!!
The truth is, the digital era is definitely in full swing! It is my job as an educator to become fully connected to this era because my students are as well. As a way to keep my student engaged, I need to be able to utilize the most current and relevant tools that are available. I look forward to seeing how much more I'm going to learn through this masters program!! Keep watching...I guarantee there is going to much much more to my digital footprint in a short amount of time :)

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