Friday, December 9, 2011

Revision of a Lesson

This week, I took the opportunity to analyze one of the lessons I teach to my 7th grade students. Because of my master's program, I have encountered a few new resources, so I took some time to incorporate some of these new resources into a revision of one my old lessons.

This link shows my old lesson with some new things added. Everything in red has been added to incorporate some of my new found "technological knowledge." I used to pride myself on using technology with my students, but this week was definitely an eye-opener on the ways of how much more I can use technology!!

Revision of a Lesson: Cells

Before I even analyzed my lesson, I took a look at my old lesson plan book. Then, I used webspirationpro to design a planning tool for a newly designed cell unit. I've come to really enjoy using webspirationpro because I can take it anywhere I have Internet access!! Also, it really caters to my "visual learner" needs. It was very easy to take the research and information I had discovered over the last couple of weeks. I'm definitely becoming a strong advocate for technology because everything was at my fingertips with just a few clicks of a mouse!! When you look at my revision, you will be able to see how many things I was able to add to an already great lesson. There is something to be said about professional development!! Due to my new found "expertise" of technology and 21st Century Skills, I know I will be do a lot of re-evaluating of many of my lessons.

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