Friday, March 9, 2012

Blogs and Wikis...are they a good thing?

This week, I took the opportunity to really investigate blogs and wikis. In an earlier post, I included some comparison matrices that showed my research. But are blogs really a good thing? In my opinion, yes! They are great communication tools. However, they need to be used appropriately, as tools to enhance my teaching, but not take my place.  To prove my opinion, I've done some additional research as to how other educators feel about blogging. My research is in the links below:
Educational Research on Blogs and Wikis
Analysis of Blogs and Wikis

Due to my extensive research, I've decided that blogging can be easily integrated into my own classroom. I plan on doing this in a separate blog (separate from this one) that will be dedicated to opening discussion forums up to my students based on the curricula I teach. This plan will come into effect for next school year. The reason for this delay is due to having a student teacher this semester and giving her the opportunity to design her own lesson plans for the class. Having a student teacher has been a gift because I'm able to take the time to create new things like blogs and wikis!!!

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