Sunday, March 25, 2012

Reflection on AUP's

As you learned in my earlier blog this week, I took the time to evaluate Acceptable Use Policies (AUP). To be honest, I never realized how much is needed to make an effective policy. This week, I learned that there needs to be six elements (a preamble, definition, policy statement, acceptable uses, unacceptable uses and violations); however, there is much more that needs to be included.

It is important to make the AUP reader friendly, organized, simple, and the inclusion of liability. In addition, schools districts really need to have another section that discusses parent responsibility. As an educator, I'm a firm believer that students will not be as successful as they could be without the partnership of parents/guardians and teachers. When it comes to technology, this partnership still definitely needs to exist in order to create digital citizenship among the students.

 Of course the school district has its own AUP, but I thought it was important to have one for just my classroom. This week, I really took the time to analyze my school's policy.

Analysis of AUP's

 Although it is a well written document, there is a lot on it, and it isn't personal. So, I created my own.

Personal AUP

I really thought this would be easy, but I found myself doing a lot of sitting and looking at a blank computer screen. It was difficult to decide what was important to include in the AUP for my parents and students. As a way to honor my school district, I included some key components from the district's policy as well as incorporating some of my own ideas.

One thing that I added that I feel is especially important in middle school is cyberbullying. Although my school has bulling discussions with students, many of them don't realize that harassing, jeopardizing someone else's school work, or just making a joke can be constituted as virtual bullying (cyberbullying). As a teacher trying to ensure digital citizenship among my students, I felt this was important to include. To be honest, my own Personal AUP is definitely a work in progress. So, I would love feedback...

I do plan to use this with my students next school year!!

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