Sunday, March 18, 2012

Reflection on Bloom's Taxonomy...

This week I took a look at Bloom's Taxonomy and its effect in education. To be honest, until I researched the topic, I never know how long it has been around. The whole concept on how people learn came about in the 1700's. Then, Benjamin Bloom first introduced the his Taxonomy in 1956! Over the years it has been updated and revised. In the 1990's Lorin Anderson started to update the taxonomy to include more 21st Century Skills. The revision was finalized and accepted in 2001. The biggest change between the original to the newly revised is the difference of using nouns to now using verbs. This is really create opportunities for educators to design lessons to include active engagement, an important 21st Century skill.

 When I first started my teaching career, I was given the infamous Bloom's Wheel. This wheel has definitely come in handy when setting my classroom objectives. I must confess that my Bloom's wheel still contains the original nouns; however, I have started to change my objectives to include more verbs. Throughout this week, I took some time to ask other teachers if they used the Revised Bloom's Taxonomy or the original. Many teachers responded with questionable looks and sayings such as "I didn't even know that there were revisions to Bloom's." So, I took this opportunity to show a few teachers the new verbs versus nouns. Many of these teachers realized that they already were using verbs instead of nouns for his or her classroom objectives, but never knew that Bloom's was revised to include them. Along with the lack of knowledge of the newly revised taxonomy, many educators also had no idea about the digital Bloom's Taxonomy verbs.

I must confess that I was unaware of the digital Bloom's verbs until I started my research this week. It makes perfect sense to have such things, considering the fact that we teach in the digital era. Since I didn't know about these digital verbs, I took some time to become acquainted with them and evaluate their usage in my own designed lessons. Some of these examples include:

Without even knowing about such a thing as Bloom's digital verbs, I realized that I frequently use many of these in my own lessons. If I were to make a pyramid similar to the one above, I would have to include many more examples because of my lessons that integrate technology. Some of these may include:
Creating - GoAnimate,
Evaluating - Quia, Quizlet
Analyzing- iPad Frog Dissection App,
Applying- Web Quests, Edublog, Job the Web, Quiz
Understanding- iPad Frog Dissection App, iPad Rat Dissection App
Remembering - visuwords, protopage, Cells Alive

To evaluate my classrooms objectives a little further. I took one my lesson plans and evaluated the lesson's integration of the Revised Bloom's Taxonomy and Digital Blooms. In my old version of the lesson, it only contained the old version of Bloom's Taxonomy: Knowledge. Due to my revisions and technology integrations, the lesson now contains the Revised Bloom's Taxonomy as well as Digital Bloom's! Please check out this new revision in the link below:

Bloom's Evaluated and Integrated

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