Monday, April 2, 2012

Digital easy way to teach it to students.

Since I've been talking about social networking with students, it is important to remember to teach students about digital citizenship. Many others feel the same as I do about this topic. In fact, there is a website that is completely devoted to digital citizenship and providing adults with resources to teach children about the topic. If found this particular website extremely useful when creating my own digital citizenship classroom policy. Since I work at a school that has a mascot of an Eagle and use the positive behavior support acronym of "SOAR," I decided to use it to promote digital citizenship with my students. Below is the link to my classroom policy:

Digital Citizenship Classroom Policy

Since I teach seventh graders, it was important for me to try and keep my policy simple and easy for my students to understand. Hopefully my classroom policy inspires you to do the same with your students.

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