Thursday, April 26, 2012

Experiencing an Online Classroom

Since I've been investigating the advantages and disadvantages to online learning, I decided to really take the time to explore. For fun, I decided to join Mrs. Jones' Room. Mrs Jones currently teaches Kindergarten. This week and last (April 16 -27), Mrs. Jones' room is focusing on the Letter and Sound of the week of "sh." In addition to the letter and sound of the week, her class will questions and 25 kdg words.

Mrs. Jones' overall design of the classroom was very explicit of what needs to be done by each student. To go along with the required assignments, there were games and songs that helped with active engagement. It was pretty evident that parent involvement was a must. Many of the daily activities required interactions between partners. Being that this is a class designed for five to six year olds, it makes sense. I really enjoyed all the hands on activities, songs, and kinesthetics that were required. As a parent of a toddler, I was able to see that Mrs. Jones really knows the best way to teach younger children. In fact, her class motto is: "The more you practice, the better you'll get!" I completely agree with her strategies.

It was easy to see that Mrs. Jones uses Bloom's Taxonomy, Marzano's Nine, as well as Constructivism within her curriculum. For example, one of the themes in Mrs. Jones' class in April is for weather. As a way to learn about weather, there is an interactive weather website as well as a daily discussion of the topic. This definitely promotes 21st Century Learning, use of student driven activities, and the use of Marzano's strategy of Nonlingustic Representation.

Personally, I found Mrs. Jones' class to be challenging and fun. As a parent and teacher, I can definitely see myself using this website with my own son!

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